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Website Valuation – what is a website worth?

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Retiring Business Owner and the Structured Sale Annuity

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California business appraisal

Recent news coming from Hillary for President�indicates that should Mrs. Clinton take office, she proposes credits and financial relief to California small business owners.�� This plan which is coined “American Health Choices Plan” would cover more than 6 million uninsured Californians, as well as “provide financial incentives for small businesses to purchase health insurance coverage for their employees”.� Health insurance premiums have risen nearly 70% in the past years for small business owners seeking to offer such benefits to its employees, pulling money from business profitability.�

�Such financial�incentives to ease the burden on California small business owners can greatly increase employee loyalty and reduce costs, which will positively impact a California business appraisal which would evaluate financial trends and value drivers such as employee loyalty, thus impacting customer satisfaction, net income, owner benefits, etc, etc.� More profits means higher fair market value when a California business owner conducts a business appraisal.� This is certainly a creative look at incentives and their impact on small business success. expired domains

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