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Business Appraisal for the small business owner

The Financial Times and are at it again and has published a compelling�article�titled “Working out what your firm is worth”��for small business owners and their need to conduct recurring business appraisals.� While some businesses do not need annual appraisals, most privately owned companies do need one at some point in its existence.  It is very common for an owner to grossly over value their business based on the blood, sweat & tears they’ve invested over the years to get to where they are today.� While sweat equity is valuable, there are specific indicators a valuator will examine in order to determine “fair market value” of a small business.  A key factor for�the business valuation is what is expected to happen in the future when the existing owner is removed from the equation?� If a small business is heavily dependent on that owner’s reputation, expertise & services it could have a negative influence on future financial successes; thus�devaluing such a business.

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Why Business Appraisal Blog reads Marketing Pilgrim

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Small Business Succession Planning

As a business owner, do you have a succession plan? If you answered no, please take a moment to read this fantastic article which was featured on

In a nutshell, this piece emphasizes the importance of succession planning and business valuation when the unexpected illness or death of a business owner takes place. In the example used, the owner’s wife was left to keep the business affairs in order amidst competitors trying to buy it for pennies on the dollar once the owner passed accompanied by a number of other stressful events. A business valuation became a life saver to this company and the heirs of the previous owner’s estate.

In today’s business world, due to the rapidly aging baby boomer demographic, it has become more important to know the value of a business, have one’s affairs in order and have a well thought out succession plan should illness or death come to a small business owner. The #1 reason that small businesses are sold is due to illness of the owner or their spouse. Not having a plan can be disastrous;typically leading toa below market sales price in the BUYER’S favor and to the seller’s detriment.

Know your value, know your business.

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